Ephraim Reich

Ephraim Reich CEO of ImageStore

Ephraim Reich is an entrepreneur & a businessman, Ephraim Reich is the founder of the "Lev Nishbar" association, and the CEO of the ImageStore Systems.

Ephraim Reich Companies

Ephraim Reich, built medicine factories in Brazil, immigrated to Israel in 1999 with his family and settled in Kiryat HaBaal Shem Tov in Petah Tikvah.
Ephraim Reich was the Israeli CEO of ITTI. This company transferred computer output to microfilm.
Ephraim Reich purchased ImageStore in 2000. This scanner scans documents and saves them on microfilm and computer files.
Ephraim managed the company from twenty to three hundred employees in 2005.
Ephraim Reich supports the employment of ultra-orthodox females in his factories and companies to lower the unemployment rate in the ultra orthodox sector.
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Ephraim Reich

Ephraim Reich Philanthropy

Ephraim Reich Philanthropy

Ephraim Reich created the Lev Nishbar association to help the mentally ill in ultra Orthodox society.

Ephraim Reich raised more than 25 orphaned or homeless children in his home over the years.

Ephraim Reich Official Website

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Ephraim Reich
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